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June 5th to 9th, at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. The most important annual Apple event took place then and there. News for every platform and astonishing developments were announced, like the iPad Pro, the iMacPro and the new HomePod. As always, lucky attendants had the opportunity to meet with more than a thousand Apple’s developers. They chat a little bit with them, listened to their kean outs and took part of software sessions and workshops. But let’s dig a little deeper on each announcement.

Hardware developments:

  • HomePod: a new system based on a wireless speaker to evolve your house into a smart one. It’s really accurate when it comes to audio quality and it can scan the room, recognize the environment and provide the best equalization for a virtual surround effect. Siri is now on speaker for your home, starting at U$S349.

Upgrades for Apple devices:

  • iMac, MacBook Pro and MacBook will have a new Intel processor generation called “Kaby Lake”.
  • iPad Pro: on its 10.5-inch and its 12.9-inch versions presents RAM improvements, better screens, more storage, all kind of dreams came true.
  • iMacPro exceeds Mac Pro, starting at U$S4999. Will be available on December, only for pros.
  • watchOS 4 brings new watch faces: Siri, a Kaleidoscope one, a Toy Story collection, and the possibility of creating your own custom watch face. They’ve also been working on some ultimate workout and activities features.

No hints about the new iPhone!

What about the software?

  • iOs11 new version comes with latest upgrades for Messages, Apple Pay, Siri (Apple’s personal assistant). Also, they introduced a replacement por JPEG called HEIF, that will help saving space in your phone, doubling JPEG’s quality. To finish with, we found out about changes on the Control and Notifications center, new indoor maps for in-store experiences and an upgraded version of the App Store.
  • macOS 10.13 High Sierra is the new Mac operating system, with a rough support for VR technology. The public beta will be in our hands right this month. If you only have one Mac we strongly suggest you make a partition before installing High Sierra, but anyway, we trust Apple! If you want to know how to install macOS 10.13 High Sierra you’ll find some data here. The improvements include:
  1. High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC): you could’ve heard of it also like H.265. It’s a new standard that compresses 4k more efficiently and improves streaming for high-quality video.
  2. Better graphics: a new Metal 2 graphic compressor will make sure everything load faster and better. Also, it supports VR.
  • App Store redesigned to show better their app catalog.
  1. A new “Today” tab will show featured apps and games of the day.
  2. A new “Games” tab showing a catalog by ranking and popularity, that will also allow the “Apps” tab to show only apps.

Everyone here at intive-FDV is waiting for the availability of the software and hardware we’ve mentioned. Especially our iOS team, eager to learn much more about this beautiful Apple world.



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