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A meetup of Phyton enthusiasts

Founded by nine partners, today the Argentina Python Association (PyAr) seeks to make its community known to a wider audience. Federalism is part of their spirit. For that reason, they came to our former offices in Belgrano Av. (spoiler alert! We have moved!) to explain how their organization works, what are the grants and training discounts they offer, and the events they are planning forward.

Facundo Batista – President / Mariano Reingart – Secretary / Leandro Enrique Colombo Viña – Treasurer / Joaquín Sorianello – Vice President / Nicolás Demarchi – Pro-Secretary / Emiliano Dalla Verde Marcozzi – Pro-Treasurer / Eliana Sofía Martín – Head Member of the Board / Mauro Javier Silva – Head Member of the Board / Diego Amor – Deputy Member of the Board

Some of the Python “beasts”, as Diego Cañizares called them, shared with us their work experiences: Leandro Enrique Colombo Viña (Treasurer of the Association), Pedro Rodríguez (backend Engineer at Claro) y Lucio Torre (Satellogic).

Introduction by Leandro Colombo

Leandro drew a picture of PyAr’s history and how it works, and invited all to connect and share through:

Queues management with Python, as a way to support high demand systems

In his turn, Pedro Rodríguez enlightened us on the flow assessment theory in a queue management system. Within high demand microservices, the parts of our system that struggle the most with loads are those related to authorization and authentication:

  • Login
  • Authorizations

“If the end user does not need a response that depends on that flow, it is simply sent to the queue.” How can we identify that? How can we know which part of a flow to prioritize? These were a few of the questions that arose during our talk. Pedro claimed that “some things can be done in an asynchronous way, while others in a synchronous way only.”

Thus, we can enhance those processes thanks to the resources and use of asynchrony.

Queues are managed differently depending on the business each one relates to. “The number of ‘workers’ assigned to each one determines how fast they will be processed.”

Github project:

Twitter: @perodriguezl


The meetup’s final round

Lastly, Lucio Torres explained how they run Python in Satellogic’s satellite, the only way to enable a single and comprehensive development pace.

Also, we asked Facundo Batista, President of the Association, how the May PyDays had gone. Luckily, it all went very well and there was a high turnout, especially for the event held in the city of La Plata, which was bigger. He shares more about it in his blog. PyAr is planning to hold a PyDay in the city of Luján in October and perhaps one in Rosario too. There is also the PyCon in November, obviously, the biggest conference of the year: Shall we meet there?

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