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A Year of 365 New Opportunities

“2018 was overwhelming and full of new challenges, but also of new opportunities worldwide,” says Andrés Vior, CEO at intive-FDV, during an interview to discuss the year’s balance. The team saw an increase of almost 40% between January and June of 2018, and by the end of the year, we had achieved a 55% increase in sales.

A Bigger Home

The intive-FDV family grew so much that our offices at Belgrano Avenue could no longer accommodate us. “Halfway through the year we moved to our new offices located in the neighborhood of Retiro, with substantial improvements: plenty of space, greater accessibility, better facilities and more comfort for all employees.”

Those were the visible physical changes, but we also restructured the core of our company —development teams management, and recruited a new Operations Manager and a team of delivery experts into the workforce. “These changes will help us assure our continuous growth and at the same time maintain the quality level and culture, which is key when so many people are becoming part of our family in such a short period of time.”

In the third place, “we hired a new CFO, who helped us restructure the Administration department and attain more reliability and efficiency in our processes,” explains Andrés.

Much More than Hi-Tech

In 2018 we began to put emphasis on some business verticals in which we had not only the technical expertise but also years-long experience: Hi-Tech, Telecommunications and Media, Finance, Industry, Retail and Automotive.

Today we feel confident as Hi-Tech specialists, so we want to turn our focus towards large companies in the US market, like Google, Facebook, AirBnB, among others. Also, we will target telecom and media companies. In fact, “we are already collaborating with several world-class companies,” stated Andrés.

At the domestic level, we will continue to offer a unique value proposition in Argentina: innovation, quality and technological advancements we accumulated by working with clients from Argentina, Europe and the US.

A Year of 365 New Opportunities

We just went through the second year of our metamorphosis and it was intense. “We finally got to know each other and understand which options we had for adding value, as well as our strong points and our challenges.” We believe there is a promising future ahead for us. “Next year the company will be able to complete the integration process and accomplish maturity. It will be time to enjoy the full benefits of being part of a global company with over 2000 employees working with a common purpose.”

“Despite the fact that 2019 will be challenging in the economical aspect, nobody can afford to fall behind the continuous process of digital transformation,” declares Andrés. We will have to keep working and investing so as to be able to handle new projects and deliver for customers, who are always growing and demanding volume, quality and new technologies.

“We are extremely happy for our achievements and we would like to thank first those who put their effort, talent and creativity to design solutions that can truly impact the life of users. Also, we would like to thank our customers, who not only trust us but always challenge us to grow, research, learn and improve, in order to generate that impact together.” Andrés Vior, CEO intive-FDV

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