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CES and our top 10 mind-blowing devices

CES 2019 wrapped up a few weeks ago with, as always, some mind-blowing gadgets. It came to our knowledge that there was a little commotion related to a gender-gap matter, but case aside, this year brought us at least 4 out of 9 speakers that were women (great improvement compared to last year with zero feminine speakers). This proves someone is paying attention to the gender inclusion pursuit and working in order to fill in the gap.

2019 CES came with improvements

At CES they have even received a congrats letter from GenderAvenger recognizing the improvement we were talking before. And among all of the great devices that were launched or tested at the event (we won’t lose the opportunity of mentioning some of them), we could also heard about The Girl’s Lounge, a special space to encourage women in tech, promoted by the The Female Quotient, a female-owned business aiming for equality.

Our top 10 mind-blowing devices at CES

As we were saying, there were exceptional products that were presented this time, and we’ll share some of the more astonishing ones:

  • Remember the movie “The fifth element”? We’ve seen a prototype of a flying car that is being built by Nexus.
  • The Owlet Band, a sensor wristband that allows expecting mothers to track the baby’s kicks or heart bits. Although, could have been great to include also a same-purpose wristband for dads, right?
  • G690 VERDE, a clean energy hi-tech machine for generating electricity at home while we run.
  • How would you feel about electrically shocking your brain? The new pair of headphones Halo Sport 2 makes your brain ready to learn and improve by creating a state of “hyper-learning” 20 minutes before doing an activity.
  • Groove X Lovot, a cuddly robot designed with the only purpose of achieving a smile in your face.
  • Soma Innofit, a device that measures breast sizes and suggests the best-fitting bras for each woman.
  • Zumi is a self-driving car toy. Fully programmable, it’s meant to teach users about autonomous driving.
  • For power users, monitors like the LG UltraWide 49WL95 are an achievable dream now.
  • An advance in privacy has been accomplished with the new HP EliteOne 800 G5 AIO. This technology allows privacy screen by reducing vision from certain view angles.
  • The Samsung “Family Hub”, Bixby, artificial intelligence for your refrigerator.

Our vision for 2020

Wearables, smart home tech, new laptops, virtual reality, robots, pc components, toys, smartphones, monitors, and more. If you go to the next 2020 edition, train a little bit before, because there’s a lot of walking and trying out. CES will continue to grab our attention and make an impact in the tech consumer world. Also, we are positive that, at the next edition, CES will continue to improve the gender-gap. Women, non-binary people, man and non-cisgendered males will have a seat to discuss what’s good for the industry, but most of all, what’s good for people, in general. Because, as the girls in “The Female Quotient” say: “when you put women in any equation, the equation gets better”, but, let’s put every one of us in the equation and it will be even better.

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