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Cloud Computing – How can the cloud help my company

To start speaking about any topic, many speakers recommend breaking the ice through a relevant joke. So I thought about including the following:

Cloud computing comic

In Eric Griffith’s words:

“In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. The cloud is just a metaphor for the Internet.”

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a division of Amazon, whose contribution in 2016 was 35% of the company’s profits. Azure is Microsoft’s cloud service and it is expected to grow by 11% in the third quarter, which will represent 6.8 billion dollars. Consequently some questions come up, which are the ones that led me today to speak about the cloud.

  • Why do companies – and not only I.T. companies give money to AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean and Microsoft Azure to store their data on the cloud?
  • How come so many organizations and governments show results where their costs have gone down thanks to the cloud?
  • Should my company consider moving to the cloud? How can that help us?

I think there are two big motivations so as to why companies decide to move part of their infrastructure and services to the cloud:

  1. The first motivation would be to cut down costs: of acquisition of new equipment, of storage units, of physical space, of licenses, of set up, etc.
  2. The second motivation comes from the need to reduce time and efforts. Designing and implementing a solution for a problem generates many challenges such as back-up management, database management, server or business scaling such as CRM’s or even finding skilled staff. All these lead us back to costs.

For both cases, the cloud allows us to use the experience of others who have already undergone these processes, have acquired knowledge and have found solutions. These companies are proposing different ways to face the same problem. Companies such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft offer within their services a wide range of solutions for the cloud that suit a variety of requisites and needs.

There are many successful cases – such as Netflix- although not everything on the cloud boasts the same results. There are some examples of failure such as the case of the company code spaces – which went bankrupt – or the 600 companies affected by failures from “El Server”. There are also big risks entailed, and one of the biggest problems is that we depend on the fact that service providers live up to their responsibility to offer their service 99.99% of the time available. So far this year, two big events showed us the risk of depending on the cloud:

  • The first was the AWS downtime in a region
  • The other example is that of an incident of Gitlab

Anyway, companies generally obtain great benefits through the value that the use of the cloud yields. Many of the applications we develop use cloud computing solutions. Risks have to be just taken into account to prevent them and avoid situations where the company can be compromised. That is why in intive-FDV we analyze each case individually, and choose reliable companies to delegate our services: SoftLayer, Heroku and AWS.
Finally, to wrap things up as we kicked off:

cloud computing comic 2


Rodolfo Cordero

Rodolfo Cordero has been a developer at intive since June 2016. He is a graduate in Software Development from the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica, his country of origin. A regular reader and music lover, he took courses in cocktailing and to become a barista, skills that delight the staff of intive in the after parties organized by the company.

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