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Global, big, multicultural. That’s our team!

Not so long ago, Francisco Ronconi, Human Resources Director at intive, talked about the dawn of remote work and distributed teams. He mentioned the benefits of tapping into the best talent globally, about how multicultural teams can increase profit margins and how they make easier access to a wider client base. But today we will stick into that part where he talked about the possibility of coming up with innovative ideas. 

Overcoming obstacles and innovating 

Successfully running a global, multicultural team, requires a slightly different management approach. When the people who make up your company span continents and time zones, leadership must be sure to address potential challenges head-on. At intive we make sure different languages or working practices don’t cause issues with communication, team cohesion has become a priority.  

Our goal is for a coherent, shared vision to prevail. In this way, we build company culture, galvanizing our teams and creating a solid sense of belonging. How do we achieve that? 

  • Regularly sending out global newsletters to keep all staff abreast of the top-level information and in the loop with important updates from other parts of the world. This helps us to keep the physically distant teams connected and promotes the spread of new ideas to create a global dynamic. With local newsletters, we compliment this to help preserve the culture at each individual location. 
  • Encouraging our people to engage with public platforms also builds a sense of belonging along with our online presence. Everyone is allowed to contribute to our company blog and share their knowledge, creating great content and positioning themselves as experts in their field. 
  • Adopting English as a shared language. We have English lessons in-company and this ensures that everyone feels included and part of intive.  
  • Using project management software, such as Confluence and Jira, helps us to define and share processes, track issues and follow the status progress of tasks. For communication, we use tools like Microsoft Teams and Calendar. Yammer and Slack support more immediate or informal interactions. 
  • Letting our people travel and meet personally with their teams. 
  • Making use of agile methodologies to keep up momentum on our fast-paced global projects. We host agile ceremonies to continuously keep track of work. It also helps us to redistribute tasks across the global team to solve any blockers that occur. Each month we hold a retrospective meeting to track our overall learnings and adjust plans for the period ahead and we do this not only among devs, but also across all business functions to support our distributed teams.  

Diversity at intive 

The diversity at intive boosts the overall quality of our products and services as multiple perspectives are incorporated during the development process. This is especially important because sometimes we plan to create something that’s globally usable and in this way, our great multicultural team is able to uncover and share valuable hidden cultural bias to improve the user experience. 

We work in a company with a global outlook and a diverse culture that perfectly works for our innovation goals. What are you waiting to be part of our team? 

Paula Becchetti

Paula is the editor of intive’s blog. She holds a degree in Audiovisual Communication from Universidad Nacional de San Martín (UNSAM) and is a Content Manager specialized in blogs, web content, email marketing and social media. Her extensive experience in the software industry makes her very valuable when it comes to translate technical content into a colloquial language. According to her own words: “I connect with the world through technology, but also through everything that breathes, sport, music and my travels.”

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