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In 2017 good things can happen

Our CEO, Andrés Vior, wrote a column on Canal AR not long ago, where he published his analysis for 2016 and spoke about the insights for the year we started a month ago.

Although many companies in the sector could not grow, in FDV we could make our billing grow by 42% last year and our billed hours by 22%. But, how did we achieve to grow for 2 years in-a-row?
The key components are three:

  • Intense work in the recruiting area. Thanks to this area we could make our work capacity and pool of talent grow. 50 new people entered FDV in 2016 and now we are over 100! Regarding HR we have also mapped out career plans, generating internal opportunities of growth by means of job rotation.
  • The strategic focus on our customer satisfaction. This new insight allowed us to keep people who had already been working with us and recruiting more referred people. We have also acquired an interesting customer base. Account-wise we have also grown. We started having the accounts applying by 100% to the target we were seeking”, Andrés states.
  • The support of back up areas. Sales, Operations and Marketing facilitated our commercial work and the improvement of underlying processes for each project, which also did contribute in maintaining our ISO certification.

Besides talking about these three key elements, we also spoke about the impact from the consolidation of the teams, which Andrés found highly positive, both internally and externally.

…when you go to talk to a prospect and you introduce yourself along with this structure, they take you in a different way, it opens up many doors.

For those who do not know, teams are work and research spaces which are defined in FDV, specialized in technologies and whose main purpose is that of collective learning. For this, beyond the impression perceived in each meeting when we mention them, they also play a vital role in the generation of content shared on this very same blog, making knowledge we incorporate on a day-to-day basis public. Their effort is of great relevance to generate value for our clients, and to make them keep on choosing us.

We finished the interview by speaking about the future outlook. “In 2017 good things can happen”, it is one of Andres’ phrases. He is full of optimism and energy to face the year which has just begun. The domestic outlook seems inspiring too, according to a report from the Argentina Chamber of the Software Industry (CESSI), where it is thought that an 84% of the Argentine companies have intentions of making I.T. investments in 2017. The digital transformation pushes everyone to be up-to-date, even for the most structured companies. Local expectations are also more than just positive, at least for 87% of businessmen of the sector recently interviewed by the CESSI. Leaving investments on science and technology aside locally and also the recovery of the economy, which of course are factors to bear in mind, our global view has also leveraged our performance and will keep doing so next year, since it allows us to widen the boundaries towards a market even bigger.

In an uncertain political and economic context, both domestically and in the U.S., FDV turned 10 years old, reached over 100 people in the workforce, and went through a period of growth for two years in-a-row. Of course, Andrés highlights the last factor we already know in FDV: “Working with friends is an extra motivation which is always there”.



By the blog’s editor.



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