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INTUX: The New UX Team at intive Argentina

At Intux, we describe ourselves as user experience analysts and user interface designers. Respect is central to our work: we set co-creation workshops with everyone involved, because we believe design is an area that engages us all. We consider ourselves problem setters and problem solvers.

– Agustina García Orsi –

The Intux team was created in January, 2019, when key roles were added in intive, such as the PM position for UX, taken by Juanjo Figueiras. UX went hand in hand with the company’s expansion and it became a pillar because of the added value for our products and services. In fact, it’s fair to say that in the North American market, it has been a commodity for years.

Defenders of Strategy and Consensus

“Our goal is to make the value of our role visible both internally and externally, as well as converting (helping) other areas, such as Sales, PMing and, also, our clients. We’re strategy leaders, we generate consensus and, together with PMs and leaders, organize the time frames (schedule) for meetings or for our teams,” says Agustina, UX leader.

Intive’s UX team invited us all to get to know them and their work. “We rely on three fundamental values: transparency, respect and empathy. Some of our strengths include creativity, communication, a shared vision and charisma. However, we are also aware of our weaknesses, such as a lack of visibility at this precise moment.”

How Do We Work at Intux?

  • We are transparent

We are the glue that binds, the bridge that unites. We think about end users and their needs, about clients and their business, about our colleagues and their skills. At Intux, we use many tools in order to maintain transparency, fighting against misinformation and being clear when communicating with the user. For example, we set up a workshop for co-creation so that we can be aligned, we create personas or proto-personas (so as not to lose sight of the target of our product), and we also create situations to foster team-building and improve teamwork.

  • We design as a team

Working as a team is key. Every person has their own personality, their own way of doing things and their own career. Understanding and respecting each one is important, and it’s the job of a good leader. We aren’t rock stars. Quite the opposite, actually. We’re there for everyone else. We’re their guide, their drive and their spirit.


  • We are minimalists

We do the intricate work of finding a balance between what the user needs, what will work for the client in their business and what we can do from a technological standpoint. No app does it all, but we don’t want a different app for every little thing we need. We always need to be clear about the intention, the reason why a certain product is developed and not another. Jared Spool said: “Design is the rendering of intent”. That’s why we love him. It’s always better to be good at one thing than bad at many.

Information Architecture and Design Systems

In our everyday work at Intux, we find different ways of improving the user experience. Out of all the tools and methodologies we use, we can mention two that we implement without leaving the office, but working hand in hand with the entire team: information architecture and design systems.

App design and information architecture go hand in hand. The concept of information architecture comes straight from the area of architecture itself. Let’s think for a minute about buildings, physical constructions, say, the name each area of a supermarket has and the goods you may find on its shelves. That way, when you go in to do your shopping, you know where to go to get washing powder or pasta, and where to go to finish and pay. The same happens with an app or a webpage.

At Intux, we also work with design systems, a fusion between UI and development. Ideally, each element of an interface (for example, a button) has certain states, with certain characteristics. That is replicated in the entire product. If the idea is to design in hi-fi, to layout or to develop the product, this is much faster and it makes the process consistent. As mentioned in atomic design, every element is an atom, the smallest particle possible. A group of atoms forms molecules. A group of molecules forms organisms. A group of organisms, templates. A group of templates, pages.

The Future of Intux

Our mission at Intux is to create a safe, trustworthy space to learn from each other at all times. Hence, we want to publish articles for the UX community, organize and sponsor events, and work as a link, so that every intiver can have a seat at the table to share their questions. In the end, we want to be the key player that generates value in every project.

In our everyday work at Intux, we find different ways of improving user experience. Out of all the tools and methodologies we use, we can mention two that we implement without leaving the office, but working hand in hand with all the team.

Agustina García Orsi

Agustina García Orsi is UX leader at intive since November 2019. Designer in Visual Comunication graduated in La Plata University, she volunteers in IxDA La Plata and is part of UX Guild in intive. Passionate about solving problems and people centered, Agustina (better known as Pochi) says that her superpower is empathy.

Her hobbies are reading, roller skating, watching detective series and participating in all kind of community events.

Paula Becchetti

Paula is the editor of intive’s blog. She holds a degree in Audiovisual Communication from Universidad Nacional de San Martín (UNSAM) and is a Content Manager specialized in blogs, web content, email marketing and social media. Her extensive experience in the software industry makes her very valuable when it comes to translate technical content into a colloquial language. According to her own words: “I connect with the world through technology, but also through everything that breathes, sport, music and my travels.”

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