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What you missed at CES: What to expect from 2017 technology


Self-driving cars, voice control personal systems, robots and drones, among tons of other improvements and launches of new technological products. This year in Las vegas, on the 50th anniversary of the Consumer Electronic Show, better known as CES, we’ve seen disruptive products, most of them with an aim to make our day to day lives easier.


CES innovative products

“To transform the world and make it a better place”, said the journalist at CES’ closure video.
And that is because most of the products we discovered at this CES edition are meant to change our lives, to improve our health and to provide wellness. VR, AI, machine learning, chatbots and Augmented Reality seem to be the next trending 2017 technologies. New ways of more personalized interactions are ready to come. Even when most brands assure that these products are not going to be in the market until (at least) 2020, smart-homes, gadgets, and wearables are at the front door.


FDV Solutions’ selected ones

  • Alexa. It’s a voice-controlled artificial intelligence solution born in 2014 and developed by Amazon, that’s been growing a lot, and that’s going to be included in several smart products of different brands like Ford, Huawei, Samsung and LG, and of course on smart homes systems.
  • IoT: Refrigerators, washers, dryers, alarm systems, and lights. Smart beds and cots, or even a smart hairbrush from L’Oréal. If you want more, Waterpik mixes tech and healthcare in a smart toothbrush.
  • TV’s jump to quantum-dot technology. For instance, TCL and Hisense have presented their new proposals. HDR and 4K content are expected to come this year.
  • Creative concepts for laptops and laptops hybrids, like the HP ENVY Curved All-in-One, that even allows you to charge your phone by wireless.
  • Giroptic presented their new 360° camera, with two lenses that can film or stream 360° video.
  • Lovebox is a new proposal for instant messaging, but specialize in love messages. It’s a wooden box, that just lets you know when your couple sends you a romantic message. Cute, right?
  • Electric and autonomous vehicles. At first, you’ll see lots of companies trying to take Tesla out of the market. Then, you’ll start to see self-driving cars. At last but not least, for sure we’ve all seen Honda’s bike that can balance itself (amazing!).
  • 5G smartphones, although most companies keep their products unknown in order to save them for the soon to come Barcelona Mobile Congress. Also, Asus introduced ZenFoneAR that’s going to combine VR and AR.
  • Aluma Connect is a sexual assault prevention device that’s going to be attached to your phone, “weaponizing” it to protect yourself from sex trafficking and female assaults.
  • Our favorite: a dog necklace to monitor and geolocalize your pet.


A closure

The evolutionary process of this high-tech trends had been always remarkable and amazed us at FDV, but this year, even when we work with trending technologies all the way in, we feel that we are diving into a science fiction movie, back from the 1960’s. We’ll be thrilled to know what’s coming next in this, our new hyperconnected world.



By the blog’s editor.


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