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We make technology in intive-FDV. We created this company because we wanted to assist people, and we keep the firm belief that technology is the best tool to amplify the impact of our deeds. It is, as we see it, our means to improve, at least a little, the life of our clients’ users, partners and organizations who we co-create solutions with.

But this vision –ours- is not the only way to take in reality. Technology also has its detractors, for several and valid reasons. Some think that while we are going global, all technological advancement harms regional cultures and traditions. Others, who are connected to the social network as a way of switching off from people around. There are others who state that technology promotes wealth concentration, and see internet as a product from companies to foster consumption. Recently, since the onset of artificial intelligence to the mainstream, there are people who even fear an employment crisis soon where machines will take over our jobs.

Since the Gutenberg’s printing machine invention which replaced manual labor from monks writing and copying manuscripts, to the steam machine which led to industrialization and mechanization of many job positions, and reaching the era of I.T. where manual calculations were replaced be computerized spreadsheets (just to mention a few examples): technology has been replacing the human being in many a task which had previously been handmade. In all these opportunities, changes, as all changes, have always been perceived as threats. In many cases the fear was justified, since many jobs were lost.

But also, as some jobs disappeared, new majors, many new positions, new markets were created. I wonder if any of us would like to perform those monks’ tasks. I recently visited a state office to renew my driving license. It was almost 9am, and the woman accountable for taking the photos and fingerprints already had an overwhelming expression of boredom on her face. Her task was repetitive: asking every person who got to her box to sit down, look at the camera and place their fingers on a fingerprint scanner. She then keyed in the name of the person, and pressed the same two or three buttons, over and over. I kept thinking that that was a task that prevented her from displaying any sort of creativity, inspiration, empathy or emotion. It really remembered me of Chaplin at the assembly line in the film Modern Times. Luckily, technology allows us to manufacture cars without the need of having Tom, Dick and Harry tightening nuts.

Today I hope that woman of the driving license office can get a job where she can express her personality, her interests and emotions, and even be fulfilled creatively. Those jobs are very hard to replace.

The software industry, which is developing platforms and A.I. solutions and machine learning throughout the world, demands more than 12000 new jobs yearly only in Argentina. Let us add to that demand the one generated by the exponential effect of digital transformation, from companies and organizations from all sectors of society. Jobs demanding “human” added value are on the rise. What if we add all those jobs we cannot even envision that will be created? Who could have imagined when Facebook was invented that the role of community managers would exist today?

Digital artists, virtual reality architects, programmers of Internet of the Things, data scientists, organ designers, #D printing technicians… new possibilities will go along with many other activities that because of their nature will keep on being exclusively human. The important thing is to be ready, and actively support the change.

In intive-FDV we make software and promote digital transformation (and non-digital) that give way to the evolution of companies, organizations and societies. We believe that before this next revolution which is already underway, the best strategy is not to deny it, but rather to be ready and identify what value it generates and will generate for each person, institution or company. Keep on learning, be proactive, invest, embrace the change, leave the comfort zone and use creativity, the true human value. Those will be the keys to go along with our customers and society, to take the best out of each and, in particular, of this great new opportunity.

Andrés Vior

Andrés Vior is Argentina Country Manager at intive and one of FDV Solutions’ seven founding partners. Graduated in Computer Science from Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), he previously occupied the roles of Project Leader and COO of the company. Karina’s husband, with whom he shares the best occupation in the world -being parents of Rita and Azucena-, he is a motorcycle’s mechanic apprentice and an ontological coach NOT certified. Formerly a federated swimmer, he now proudly holds the titles of “adept to healthy-swimming” and semi-junior skier.

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