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On how our developers end up working across the ocean

Is it true that if you work at intive-FDV they come all the way from Europe looking for you? We asked three masterminds who were once part of our family to tell their experience. Matze (Maxi Céspedes), Emanuel Suriano and Chavito (José Papaianni) grew professionally in intive-FDV and now work across the ocean.

Before and after intive-FDV


  •  from .NET developer to ReactJS expert and UI technical leader in his project
  • He’s away to an e-commerce company based in Europe

“I spent months seeking employment but couldn’t get any interviews for JS-related jobs, considering my .NET profile. Not even one. I got my first opportunity at FDV.”

At first, Maxi would ask lots of questions, all the time.

“I wanted to know the background for every decision, even the least important ones. I felt embarrassed to talk in meetings but then I realized I was surrounded by people who knew a lot and from whom I could learn daily.”

Eventually, Matze (as we call him) became familiar with the technology, methodology, and process. He benefited from the continuous feedback from his peers and gained confidence.

“I started to use that confidence to become a more active member of the team and left the shy Maxi behind.”



  •  from backend developer to frontend developer and team lead
  • Today he sets sail to GoEuro, Berlin

“I was just a semi senior backend developer, but they gave me the opportunity to start working as frontend dev, despite the fact that I wasn’t as skilled as I was as backend dev.”

Ema put a lot of effort and grew in a project he was part of from the beginning.

“I grew as the project grew. Now it has become a big technical challenge because of its technology and scale.”

And he grew so much that she became team lead.

“The former TL helped me with the transition. I believe we all began to work better than we used to. It’s the first time I seriously worked in agile development, first with Scrum and then with Kanban.”



  •  from UX frontend developer  to expert in the “hardest” part of frontend development
  • He’s now working at Amazon, Luxemburg

Chavito was a freelance professional but decided to come back to the office to work with us.

“They let me work with complete freedom, surrounded by very capable people. That allowed me to quickly absorb new knowledge.”

Given that he worked in frontend development, Chavito could spot opportunities for improvements in usability and address them in advance.

“intive-FDV was a turning point in my career. The company’s culture makes it a great place to grow professionally and to learn about the entire software development process and the technologies that are used nowadays.”

10 Ways in Which a Tech Company Helps its Devs Grow

Since all three interviewees agreed that intive-FDV enabled their professional and personal growth, we wanted to know what made that possible, exactly. Together, we made a list of the most important things that a tech company should offer developers:

– A work/life balance: flexibility between work and study

– A learning culture based on experience

– Embracing innovation

– Career support

– Regular salary and performance reviews

– Freedom to work with preferred technologies

– A healthy work environment where knowledge transfer among peers can happen

– Performance measurement by goals and not by arrival/dismissal time

– Opportunities to participate in the creation of a product from scratch

– Ensure devs enjoy what they are doing


“In my opinion, intive-FDV is a cutting-edge tech company globally. The technologies used in some projects make the employees highly desirable by other companies. intive-FDV serves clients that compete with other Fortune 500 companies, so the quality required, both at the technical and product level, demands the highest standards.” Matze

“When I started working at intive-FDV, I was in third year of college, studying Systems Engineering, and today I leave with my diploma in my hand. That is one of the things I appreciate the most of intive-FDV, that they gave me the flexibility I needed between work and study. I gained a lot of technical and project management expertise, thanks to my new role. I am deeply convinced that I wouldn’t have got that in another company.” Ema

“MercadoLibre was a half-way point if I wanted to work in a big international company, since I didn’t have any experience in companies of that scale. Everything I learned at intive-FDV helped me to take the professional leap, in fact, it’s where I learned the most and where I consolidated my developer profile.” Chavito

Needless to say, the accomplishment of working abroad is entirely their own. Today, Matze, Ema and Chavito are where they are thanks to their own effort and proactivity. However, at intive-FDV we are happy to have contributed our bit and we are glad to see our developers fly, literally.

Paula Becchetti

Paula is the editor of intive’s blog. She holds a degree in Audiovisual Communication from Universidad Nacional de San Martín (UNSAM) and is a Content Manager specialized in blogs, web content, email marketing and social media. Her extensive experience in the software industry makes her very valuable when it comes to translate technical content into a colloquial language. According to her own words: “I connect with the world through technology, but also through everything that breathes, sport, music and my travels.”

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