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Python for Non-Programmers

Those of you with some programming experience know that developers spend much of their time reading code rather than writing it, and that they usually have short, rush delivery times to finish a product or feature. Python is the solution to this: it was born out of the need for a language with a syntax that’s easy to understand, in order to optimize both code reading and writing times.

Python has a soft learning curve and, since it’s a high-level language that resembles the human language, is one of the friendliest ones to start programming. In addition, it’s a multi-paradigm, open-source language you can download with just one click.


In general programming terms, we have listed some of the things that make Python a friendly language, which you can take as reference to start.

  • It uses “print()” as command for printing information into the console.
  • It uses for functional purposes, thus avoiding the use of brackets or reserved words such as BEGIN or END.
  • It distinguishes four basic data types: whole numbers, floating-point numbers, strings, and booleans.
  • It’s dynamically typed, which means that it isn’t necessary to explicitly set the data types to be inserted, it’s the interpreter who assigns them while running the program.
  • It uses (#) and (“””) to make comments or annotations in the code: the first one to insert comments of one line of length only, and the other to insert paragraphs.

In Stack Overflow 2018 statistics, Python is the third most “loved”  language in a ranking of 25.

To appreciate the clarity of the code, let’s compare how to write the classic phrase “Hello World” in Python…

…and in Java:

Python can be used virtually for everything: cloud solutions, high volumes of data, processes automation, machine learning algorithms, videogame development. Its philosophy is code minimalism.

I strongly encourage you to try Python!

Ilein González

Ilein González has a degree in Social Communication, journalism mention, graduated from the Andrés Bello Catholic University. Since May 2018 she has been working as a Quality Analyst at intive, in one of the most challenging projects of the company. Ilein is also an enthusiast of innovation and processes.

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