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Sales’ verticalization at intive

Last year was a very special one: our company was acquired by intive and we became part of a bigger organization with operations in Europe and the US. For us, it was the opportunity to grow and learn from a company working at a much bigger scale (10 times ours, indeed) and to have access to many more resources.

As part of the process, we started to integrate with the new team and to understand the new challenges we were to face while becoming involved. One of the biggest changes we came up with was restructuring sales into verticals, served by different service lines (Digital Platforms, Enterprise Apps, Mobile, Cognitive, among others).

Why restructuring sales into verticals?

The main reason to structure sales into verticals was to offer a strong domain expertise, not only from roles that are normally closer to the client, such as Designers or Product Owners, but also involving technical roles like Tech Leaders and Developers, for verticals such as:

  • Automotive (with our strong team based in Germany working for leading companies such as Audi, or Mercedes)
  • Hi-Tech (based in US in our office in the Bay Area, the Innovation Lab of America)
  • Financial Services (working with large traditional financial institutions as well as with FinTech venture-backed startups globally)
  • Media and Telecom (serving global companies where they need it whether it is Los Angeles, New York, London, Berlin or Munich)
  • Consumer Services (including Retail)
  • Industrial (includes HealthCare)

The pro’s

One of the most exciting things is that the results we see so far, already show we are in the right directions, the heads of each vertical can grow the business thinking globally and our clients can receive a better service crossing boundaries between continents and countries. The process is challenging and the effort huge, but we now know it’s worth.

We are working in order to have sales and operations aligned within each vertical so the experience for our clients is superb. That is what fully allow us to put in place a team with domain expertise and combine different practices and service lines to respond in the best way to each business need. Our goal, once that business need is addressed, is to have a more active role in helping to detect and solve even more challenges for a given account.

Our unicorns in sales verticalization

With the new organization we are now combining our services lines to offer, for instance,  Embedded Development to companies in the Automotive Industry in Germany, Quality Assurance Automation for an Internet Unicorn in California, and cross-selling a Cognitive Services team to a client in the Media Industry in New York City.

2018 is the year of consolidation of this new structure and the rewards of constantly rethinking how we work have already paid off. We have some quite exciting years ahead! Let’s keep moving.

Javier Brugues

Javier Brugues is one of the seven founders of intive-FDV. Computer Engineer graduated from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), holds a postgraduate degree in Small and Medium Business Management from the IAE Business School. Javi was involved in different management roles within the company (CFO and CEO) before occupying his current position as Business Developer, based in New York. In his free time he can be found reading blogs about finance and technology, although lately he is looking for titles such as “Paternity for Dummies” while waiting for the arrival of his son Julian.

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