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Sheena, the chatbot who has been helping us for five years

We are living an era where everyone is speaking about chatbots and their potential. Facebook launched its platform to build bots on Messenger. Telegram did the same months ago and every day, we see Slack growing. It is an interesting case, equally funny and controversial, it is Microsoft chatbot launched to reach millennials, who turned into an incorrect character when whose racist comments had to be silenced.

But it is not only about products made by and for the technological world. Media such as CNN and The Wall Street Journal, or entities such as Bank of America, also launched their respective bots and it is increasingly more common to read recommendations for CMO’s, or explanations of how they can help us be more productive at work.

However, and this is commonplace when new technology comes into fashion, it is still very complex to separate noise from concrete opportunities and understand what the actual impact of bots in our work environment can be.

In FDV Solutions we have a concrete case. It has been longer than five years, after observing the massive use of Google Hangout at our company, that we came up with the idea of using this custom with practical and concrete aims. Sheena was born then, a chatbot created in 2009 with a view to helping us resolve the tedious task of loading hours.

As a software development study with customers throughout the world, having a unique time tracking tool like Sheena helped us keep excellent and detailed information regarding our time usage, the knowledge incorporated by the team and the mood of everyone involved in the project. All these become possible thanks to our chatbot features. The success and impact of Sheena in our company took us, with no stopovers, to think of it as a product that can also help third parties.

Why is Sheena successful?

  1. It has a concrete and simple reach: It is a tool that helps work teams who work on projects by the hour. This means that all limitations to build chatbots do not affect the product, as in Siri, for instance.
  2. It makes us remember what we hate having to remember! Bots can do things in a practical and comfortable way. They can start a conversation with us feeling it as natural and expected. Thus, we no longer need to log in nor keep in mind we have to record the hours. Sheena does it for us!
  3. It is natural for her to ask us how we feel: This, along with tracking the hours, can effortlessly keep track of people’s moods since it is carried out by a conversation. To our surprise, this actually worked and helped us –as the company was growing- work out lots of issues within the work teams.

Wrapping all up, it has been longer than six years that we have been experiencing the positive impact of profiting from bots to solve issues and today we happily see how other companies take the plunge and try out the artificial intelligence world.

If you have time to test Sheena, we look forward to getting your feedback!

Mariano Stampella

He graduated as an IT Engineer from Universidad de Buenos Aires and has a postgraduate degree at ITBA (Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires). Mariano led the development department and he was the CEO until 2015.He is one of the founders of the company.

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