Intive Blog

By Celeste Humano, leader of the Team.

The QA Team emerged in August 2016 in order to learn and discuss issues that arise in the projects we have assigned, taking advantage of the diversity of knowledge that its members have.

In bimonthly meetings of 2 hours, we propose topics which we would like to learn or requests to QA of other areas, and the companions who have that knowledge prepare the subject and share it with the rest of the Team. The dynamics are alike the ones we have in a usual FDV’s project: plans are made to determine who gets the task, we decide what the task has to have to be complete (usually presentations or some mini manual) and the responsible shares the progress status of the tasks by Slack or through a Trello board. In this way, we find innovative solutions to the constant challenges that we face.

Currently within the Team, the “Testing School” is being carried out. As its name says, this is a space to learn new or not so new topics but that serve to reinforce knowledge, where content is generated – following the modality of the Team – to be able to share it with the trainees in the area.

In this way, we add much more value to our daily work, ensuring more quality to FDV day by day.