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The intivers School: A Space that Helps to Grow in the Software World

Is knowledge important for you? It is for us, that’s why we decided to launch an initiative that aims to share it. The “intiver school”, explains Ilein, is an initiative by intive Argentina to train those who don’t have experience in the software industry and are looking for an opportunity to enter the labor market. The initiative includes three schools: QA, Front-end (React) and Back-end (Python). If you dream of learning about the software world or you’re looking for your first job, you should keep on reading.

 The Foundations of the School

Classes began almost two months ago. Students are learning about React.js, Python and manual and automation testing. “They also participate in all the phases of a project, and use Scrum as base methodology,” explains Marina Muras, head of Training at intive.

“For now, there are 12 students, a Project Manager and 3 mentors. Collaborators from various projects also share their knowledge and accompany the students along their training. It’s estimated that the training and project development will last 3 months, a period during which students will learn about software development methodologies and technologies. “In general, students have basic tech knowledge, and our long-term goal is for them to apply their skills in different projects of the company,” says Marina.

“I’m really happy to be learning new things every day, from technology to work methodologies, that I can put into practice. In class we make mistakes and learn together.” Melisa, student of the React school

The Program’s Benefits

“intive is a great place to grow and advance your career. We believe that new technologies come and go, but the way of working and collaborating with others and professional growth are key things to maintain,” declares Juan Manuel Álvarez, technical leader and trainer. A good working atmosphere is essential. “Having a good time while working helps to retain the things you learn better than if you read a manual just to pass an exam.” A friendly atmosphere also improves mentors and students. The school is beneficial in more than one way:

  • Not only does it train students but also identifies valuable talents. This is a win-win situation: it helps professionals to find a job while also filling positions that are highly demanded in the market.
  • For mentors, it’s fulfilling. “Participating in a project that involves a lot of pedagogy is really satisfying. I find it very rewarding to explain or teach how I work, because I like to show that we work in a way that is pleasing,” explains Juan Manuel.
  • It helps to identify and define interesting profiles. “We promote the potential inside every young professional, consolidate their skills and discover talents out of the ordinary, in order to help them to jumpstart their career,” says Josmer Delgado, mentor and front-end developer.

“People are Vital for the Company”

“People are vital for the company and the knowledge they possess is just as important,” expresses Juan Manuel. Since we consider this one of our values, from the CSR department we strive to promote inclusion and diversity at intive.

“Three years ago, the social association En Buenas Manos offered their services of massages delivered by blind people. That’s how we met Sol, who soon joined our permanent staff. Each intiver can book a 20-minute long massage session through a form, from Monday to Friday. There’s an application being developed at the school that would help to manage the appointments in a more effective way, taking into consideration the usability of blind people. It would be our pleasure as a company to offer this application to the association En Buenas Manos and help users to easily manage appointments,” expressed Marina.

“The thing about knowledge is that the more you share it, the more there is of it, unlike other resources”, states Juan Manuel. And this is how the first edition of the intiver school concludes: learning together, boosting each other and in that way, always growing.

This is just the beginning. Why don’t you join us?

Ilein González

Ilein González has a degree in Social Communication, journalism mention, graduated from the Andrés Bello Catholic University. Since May 2018 she has been working as a Quality Analyst at intive, in one of the most challenging projects of the company. Ilein is also an enthusiast of innovation and processes.

Paula Becchetti

Paula is the editor of intive’s blog. She holds a degree in Audiovisual Communication from Universidad Nacional de San Martín (UNSAM) and is a Content Manager specialized in blogs, web content, email marketing and social media. Her extensive experience in the software industry makes her very valuable when it comes to translate technical content into a colloquial language. According to her own words: “I connect with the world through technology, but also through everything that breathes, sport, music and my travels.”

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