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Today, together we are intive 

Over the last few months we’ve been working so hard to let everyone know we are changing, evolving into something new, something better. We were convinced this was for good, and we still believe it changes our perspectives. We have partnered, now more than two years ago, with a renowned software development company, a global digital powerhouse. With intive we have learned about flexibility, about intercultural exchange, and about how to marry two diverse sets of expertise and strategy and five different time zones. As that was a success, we’ve decided to go further.

We’ve encountered challenges

This was our second rebranding in two years (we have already changed from FDV Solutions to intive-FDV in 2017). This time, says Mariana Zalazar (Marketing and Communications Coordinator), the challenge was definitely bigger but we had a lot of support from the global group. Why was it bigger? Keyword: integration. The first time we had to rethink our marketing look and feel, but our environment (providers, clients, leads) and workflow dinamycs remained more or less the same. This second time, we had to build a synergistic strategy, to find a way in joining forces and combining tactics, keeping in mind that we had to follow intive’s brand spirit, design and tone without losing our captive and local audiences, without losing the argentinean touch.

We also had to pay special attention to our most important target, the people we need to look after the most. So, we really put a lot of effort in building strong and clear announcements to our clients, to let them be sure that this new chapter in our company’s future is an investment in their growth as well as our own. When it comes to our employees, we supported our People Management team in buffering the transition as much as possible. Some of the tasks involved changing the looks of our offices and preparing intive welcome kits for everyone.

What’s coming next

intive has recently acquired the rest of FDV Solutions, which was 49% of our remaining shares. Being more than 190 people in Argentina alone is a result of this merger that began in 2017 and that’s still happening. “Between 2016 and 2018 we doubled our size. That’s what we aim to repeat in the following two years”, says Andrés Vior, current VP & Country Manager Argentina.

Growing every year, step by step, from 2017 to today, we have grown by 200%. We are currently working on Mobile Developments, Digital Platforms, Enterprise Apps, UX Design, Data Science, Embedded, andQA, with a specific focus on High-Tech, Media, Industrial, Retail, Finance and Automotive.

We’re very proud of being part of one of the most important IT companies in Europe. We’re also super excited for the next steps. The big challenge for us will be to build a strong brand in the US and in Latin America. We’re confident that given the new teams we’ve formed and our strategic direction, we will continue to grow and expand in all our markets. Also, we will have the opportunity to work with bigger brands on bigger projects, using cutting-edge technologies, and enjoying the enriched cultural interaction which enhances all our efforts. Eugenia Laguna, Marketing Manager.


From HR we have worked to strengthen our culture stone pillars, during the merging process. The challenge is for the company to grow, both in projects and in number of collaborators, keeping our companionship, high-quality standards innovation and solidarity values intact. Carla De Stefano, Lead Recruitment Specialist.


We managed to lead the integration process in a very agile way, akin to our values and work methodology. This means we went one step at a time, in an iterative and always “production-ready” journey that started even before deciding to merge the companies. I would say the bigger challenge we have faced was tightening our bonds to make the network strong. That and explaining Argentina’s macroeconomics. New challenges are arriving. The US market is intive’s main international one and key to our global strategy. Right now, we are building a very aggressive plan to keep growing at the same pace we were last year, that’s around 50% yearly, by improving our offering and streamlining our delivery capabilities. Andrés Vior, ex CEO FDV Solutions, current VP & Country Manager Argentina.


Since August 1st, the day we announced “intive” as our brand in Argentina, we’ve been working on external and internal communications to get the word spread and reinforce the global message of integrated work among offices. We’ll keep working on the integration process, focused on strengthening intive’s brand locally and globally, improving our processes and making the most of this incredible opportunity of building an international trademark for our company, along with an amazing future for our clients and, most of all, our people. Mariana Zalazar, Marketing and Communications Coordinator.

We are intive

Long ago were the days in which FDV Solutions was born, among seven engineering university friends who decided to work on our funding idea: digital experiences to transform lives. We can now say, as part of intive, we have our main headquarters in Munich, 8 design centers and 14 development centers among Germany, Poland, USA and Argentina. Our regional offices are also located all around the world, in France, Spain, Sweden and the UK. We are also proud of mentioning that companies like Audi, BMW, Credit, Suisse, Deutsche Telekom, Esprit, ING, Microsoft, Viacom, Vodafone, Volkswagen and Vorwerk trust us. In less words, we’ve become part of a multinational top-notch software development company that breaks the standards. Globally, we are talking about 1700 IT professionals who work every day to deliver high-quality software products and to expand and share knowledge. Innovation, growth and fellowship, are the keys that continue to keep the same FDV Solutions 13-year-old spirit alive. Empathy, agility and enthusiasm are the values that both companies shared and that have allowed us to achieve integration and to create this big family. Today, together we are intive.

Paula Becchetti

Paula is the editor of intive’s blog. She holds a degree in Audiovisual Communication from Universidad Nacional de San Martín (UNSAM) and is a Content Manager specialized in blogs, web content, email marketing and social media. Her extensive experience in the software industry makes her very valuable when it comes to translate technical content into a colloquial language. According to her own words: “I connect with the world through technology, but also through everything that breathes, sport, music and my travels.”

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