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What happened in 2017

“We are living through the biggest change of our history, it was a revolution”. Those were Andrés Vior’s words, CEO for intive-FDV, to describe what happened in 2017 in our organization.

“The challenges this year takes us to a whole new level”, he stated, because FDV merged with intive this year, a European company already positioned in the global market. Thanks to this huge change, we started an endless process of metamorphosis, of continuous improvement with no limits.

The context was challenging, the economic variables showed adverse to export, but we thought that in the long run the impact would be a positive one,  and we went forward and put in effort, focus and time of operation for this adaptation, facing some issues which we could only overcome during the second half of the year. “Walking side by side with intive is not easy”, highlighted Andrés. For instance, during this year intive changed the sales structure three times. Its growth pace is so rapid that it went from a payroll of three hundred people to one thousand five hundred, in just three years. It was necessary for us to make changes to the old FDVian structure as well.

What changed in 2017?

  • We have a new Factory Director (he used to be in pre-sales and now is in charge of managing operations)
  • Our new CFO improved visibility, forecasting and order of the financial and accounting issues
  • We assigned a new head of People, Culture & Development to make sure our team is always taken care of
  • The recruiting area consolidated significantly, achieving a 30% increase in Human Resources
  • We hired new PMs, with great expertise, who brought in new experiences and contributed with different working methodologies

We wanted to know when the changes would be over and Andrés explained that this is a never-ending process in a Lean Startup style. Movement has always been a constant in FDV, but the way towards the evolution of an organizational culture becomes complex and long, “We reached a healthy company, with a pristine culture which also became better by integrating with intive. We were enriched thanks to an improvement in gender diversity and the incorporation of nuances from different cultures…  We still have a long way to go, though”.

What other positive results did 2017 bring about?

Our objective when we became intive-FDV was to make projects together. The idea was to attack the American market as a group of two, to share knowledge and to make benchmarking with others. The goal has always been to profit from the experience of others and to collaborate with our own.

Today, we are working with a different target of companies, we made our presence in other markets deeper, without taking the Argentine market for granted. In this way, we achieved our first projects of greater complexity and many opportunities which are still under negotiations.

The revolution is still underway at the Argentine offices of intive-FDV, and it reaches every corner in the organization, we see ourselves as High-Tech specialists and references in the future. We launched a new web site, renewed our blog, implemented a poll of organizational environment and internal communication for the first time, and we are training our staff increasingly more, because we know people are the key to success.

Our purpose is to keep on being mentors in the market, promoters of the collective enrichment. And as Andrés very well says, if we keep the focus and our drive, the best is yet to come.

Paula Becchetti

Paula is the editor of intive’s blog. She holds a degree in Audiovisual Communication from Universidad Nacional de San Martín (UNSAM) and is a Content Manager specialized in blogs, web content, email marketing and social media. Her extensive experience in the software industry makes her very valuable when it comes to translate technical content into a colloquial language. According to her own words: “I connect with the world through technology, but also through everything that breathes, sport, music and my travels.”

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